Experienced Legal Counsel For Employers With A Range Of Needs

NachtLaw specializes in providing aggressive, discreet and cost-effective representation for Michigan employers facing litigation or threats of litigation. Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to small owner-operated businesses.

Results-Oriented Negotiators And Consultants

From negotiating settlements, employment contracts and severance agreements to representing corporate clients in complex employment litigation, NachtLaw gets results. We also help businesses and nonprofit organizations ensure compliance with the latest developments in state, federal and local employment laws and statutes.

Practices To Avoid Litigation

The best defense against an employment-related suit is legally sound policy applied consistently throughout your business. We advise corporations of all sizes on how to hire and discharge employees. Our attorneys offer training in the areas of diversity, compliance with Family Medical Leave Act provisions, discrimination and sexual harassment laws.

In advising our clients on risk management, we avoid the jargon and the buzz words. Instead, we deal in common sense approaches that tackle the systemic weaknesses that ignore, abet or even create risk for an organization and its personnel. We identify the ethical issues that make an organization vulnerable: institutional incentives to lie or distort, breaks in communication that conceal and hide problems from oversight, and regulatory or legal compliance problems.

From specific issues to comprehensive ethics and risk management audits, we help organizations identify vulnerability in their systems and approaches and assist in scandal avoidance and minimization. We have expertise in corporate governance matters and provide reviews for boards of directors, audit committees, general counsel and chief financial officers. We provide guidance on emerging legal risks and advise clients on how to comply with the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Let Us Review Your Legal Needs

For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers, please contact NachtLaw today. From our home office in Ann Arbor, we represent employers located throughout Michigan and in cities from New York to Los Angeles.