Experienced And Assertive Criminal Defense

In criminal cases, the difference between winning and losing is often measured in years, not dollars. The criminal defense team at NachtLaw is there to stand up for you from trial and appeal to precharge investigations by federal agencies or local law enforcement.

Our firm has the experience and confidence that can make a difference when facing criminal charges in federal or state court. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation and take the first step in standing up for your rights.

Aggressive Representation For All Crimes

Our attorneys get results: dismissals, not guilty verdicts, sentencing guideline departures. When we get involved early, we get results early, sometimes shutting down the investigation before the prosecutor makes a formal charge.

We have experience handling criminal defense of the most serious charges and major crimes, including:

  • White collar crimes: embezzlement, fraud
  • Drug crimes: possession, manufacturing, trafficking
  • Property crimes: arson, robbery, burglary, theft
  • Sex crimes: CSC charges, criminal sexual conduct
  • Computer crimes: hacking, criminal use of a computer

For those accused of workplace crimes, we have an excellent record of avoiding charges and minimizing the impact on your career. We often represent professionals in licensing and disciplinary proceedings. Whether you are facing criminal charges in state or federal court, we have the skills and experience to protect your rights and get results.

The Unspoken Consequences Of A Criminal Charge

Success often depends on much more than what happens in the courtroom. We develop criminal defense strategies to fit your individual circumstances. Sometimes our clients come to us before an accusation becomes a formal charge. We understand that, even in this preliminary stage, a mere accusation of wrongdoing can turn a person's life upside down, with devastating effects on family, career, reputation or immigration status. For accusations of corporate fraud or other white collar crimes, a special sensitivity is called for. When the circumstances require a client to take responsibility for wrongful conduct, our criminal defense lawyers have the skill, experience and flexibility to get results and minimize the impact of a felony or misdemeanor.

Fighting For Your Civil Rights

In a criminal prosecution, it may feel like your constitutional rights are ignored. If your charge is the product of a "bad stop" (no probable cause), a "bad search" (no warrant or other basis) or an involuntary confession, our Constitution requires that the case be dismissed. We will demand your constitutional rights be respected. Our attorneys will fight for your rights and challenge illegal police practices. When the police go too far, we fight back. When false accusations result in a criminal charge, we ask the tough questions and bring out the truth. When justice isn't done at the trial court, we take the cases up on appeal and fight for reversals.

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