Legal Advice For Executives 'Before You Sign'

Executive-level employees face unique challenges. Many executives need ongoing advice and counsel to not only negotiate and execute a competitive employment agreement, but also to help the executive maintain one's position within the company during difficult times.

The lawyers of NachtLaw regularly represent chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief information officers, chief financial officers, company presidents, members of corporate boards and other C-level executives. Our firm can assist you as you figure out how to approach a pivotal employment matter, whether it is the negotiation of an employment contract or full-blown litigation.

If you are considering an executive recruitment opportunity, you should contact a lawyer to review or negotiate the contract terms before you sign anything. Clarifying and documenting mutual understandings can bolster your success and reduce future conflict. Likewise, if you are leaving a position, on whatever terms, you should have an attorney who will look out for your best interest and make sure you leave on terms that are the best for your family, your career and your future.

Handling A Wide Range Of Executive Legal Needs

Our firm is adept at solving problems involving:

Our attorneys also provide counsel that can be helpful in the resolution of partnership disputes, whether that involves dissolving a partnership or settling ongoing matters.

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Legal Representation For Executives