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Jury: Pharrell, Thicke Plagiarized

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Nacht Law in the News |

In a bizarre decision, a judge allowed a jury to decide whether the popular ‘Blurred Lines’ song was plagiarized without letting the jury listen to the earlier song.

The judge felt that because the earlier song was only protected in its written musical form rather than in its recording, it was wrong for the jury to hear the earlier Marvin Gaye song.

The judge’s decision was simply a bad decision because in the views of this author, most people who listen to both songs would find the claim of plagiarism to be silly.

The judge should have allowed Robin Thicke and his co-defendant’s lawyer to play the song as it was clearly relevant evidence for the jury to consider and not prejudicial.

I expect this decision to be reversed on appeal and the jury verdict taken away with a new trial ordered.

Read the “Jury finds Pharrell, Thicke copied for ‘Blurred Lines’ song” published in the Toledo Blade here.

Posted by David Nacht