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Nick Roumel’s litigation practice has been very active.

He has successfully resolved a number of cases recently, all on confidential terms. These include:

Whistleblower Cases:

Mr. Roumel has resolved a whistleblower suit on behalf of a police officer, alleging a demotion in retaliation for expressing concerns about safety and other departmental regulations, as well as a case brought by a medical research compliance officer who alleged retaliation for raising regulatory concerns, as well as raising pregnancy discrimination claims.

Disability Cases:

Mr. Roumel has settled three disability discrimination and failure to accommodate cases. Two were on behalf of public employees who were involuntarily removed from their jobs on the basis that they could no longer perform them. The third was a public school teacher, the other a university employee. The third worked in private industry, and had alleged that the travel conditions of his job deprived him of regular sleep and induced a variety of serious health conditions. In the latter case, the Court of Appeals unanimously reversed the trial court’s dismissal of the case, paving way for the settlement.

Higher Ed/Due Process:

A university professor who had a tenured job offer revoked, alleging this was done without cause or due process. (Co-counseled with an out of state firm).

Mr. Roumel is also actively litigating many other cases of broad interest.

First Amendment

In a case pending at the Michigan Court of Appeals, Mr. Roumel is asserting the rights of individuals, with meritorious claims against anonymous internet commenters, to more easily obtain information about those persons’ identities.

Another case involves a challenge to the right of a private, religious school to deny admission to a learning disabled student on religious freedom grounds. The Michigan Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of the school; Mr. Roumel will be appealing to the Michigan Supreme Court.

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Mr. Roumel is scheduled to go to trial in February in a sex discrimination case, on behalf of a gay female hotel employee who alleges she was fired because she failed to conform to stereotypical behavior expected of other female employees.

Sex Harassment and Assault

Mr. Roumel actively litigates cases against both K-12 and higher educational institutions alleging that they failed to comply with federal law (“Title IX”) to keep schools safe from sexual assault. He and his co-counsel from another firm recently settled one such case on behalf of a student alleging sexual misconduct against a coach, and is also pursuing serious cases of sexual misconduct committed by students against students, including students with disabilities.

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