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The Fight Against Human Trafficking

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2016 | Nacht Law in the News |

The fight against human trafficking takes different forms. Law enforcement obviously must take the lead — and this prosecution is a very important step.

Backpage has been a hub nationally for sex trafficked minors.

There is a First Amendment right to create an on-line page for classified advertising. But there is not a First Amendment right to engage in conspiracy to break laws. All conspiracy cases involve speech by the alleged criminals: be they drug dealers, bank robbers, terrorists or pimps.

Some “Legitimate” businesses thrive only because pimps kidnap and enslave young people and women.

Our firm has taken a lead in filing civil actions by survivors against those who profit from human trafficking. In a pathbreaking case, Nakisha Chaney of Nachtlaw obtained a judgment of over $500,000 against a doctor who provided drugs to a pimp to keep the survivors under control.

We envision a time when many law firms will fight sex trafficking, in the way that many firms, including ours, fight sex harassment and race discrimination.

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