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Big Changes in Expungement Law

“Expungement” refers to the legal process of setting aside a criminal conviction. A growing recognition that many people deserve second chances has led to the expansion of this opportunity. When Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the new law, she proclaimed, “This is a...

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Let’s Stop Asian Hatred in its Tracks

In my last blog post, "Violence Against Women", I discussed how misogyny plagues our society and results in assault rape and murder and how fear of the same alters the socialization of women and the role of women in our culture. I want to focus on another aspect of...

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Violence Against Women

There are many conversations worth having as a result of any tragedy. The Atlanta massage parlor murders should cause several.   One is the view of Asian women in our culture; another is the view of Asian-Americans of both genders.  These issues have gotten...

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