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Ageism at work: Less feedback and skewed evaluation metrics

Age discrimination in the workplace is common. Most people have a sense of this, but the tactics used by employers are rarely direct or systematic.

One exception might be IBM, which was more systematic than most with its "resource actions" designed to terminate older, more costly workers and bring in EPHs, early professional hires. A former IBM-er reportedly received a call weeks after turning 55. After 33 years with the company, she had 90 days to train a replacement and 30 days severance.

Fighting false Title IX accusations in academia

Imagine being a professor or instructor at a college or university who has devoted years and years to academic excellence through teaching, writing, researching and mentoring in his or her chosen field.

Imagine next what it would be like to lose everything — potentially tenure, your position, your credentials and for sure your reputation — because of a false accusation of sexual harassment or discrimination by a student or colleague.

Border Patrol Warrantless Searches Far From The Border

A federal law says the Border Patrol can conduct warrantless searches and trespass on private property within 100 miles of the Border. Think about that. Why should people who look dark or Latino have all the fun of being treated like criminals or the enemy in their own country? Let's all join in the exciting adventure of police stopping us at checkpoints on streets right by our homes; producing ID; and getting searched and maybe even arrested for contraband. Not at the border; but in the good old formerly freedom-loving USA.

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