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Representing Students And Teachers In A Broad Range Of Education Matters

At NachtLaw, we frequently provide top-notch legal counsel in the area of education law in the classroom or on campus. From ensuring equality in the classroom to handling faculty, staff or administrator employment claims, our law firm provides aggressive representation in administrative proceedings, during internal hearings and in court.

Advocacy On Behalf Of Students

We regularly represent students from all public and private schools, colleges and universities when they need tough education lawyers to stand up for their rights. Our experienced education lawyers help students through matters of:

  • Victims of sexual harassment or assault
  • Students accused of criminal offenses like DUI/DWAI, assault, drug possession and distribution, sexual misconduct and underage drinking
  • Students involved in administrative hearings and student disciplinary panels for alleged misconduct
  • Students involved in Title IX investigations involving exclusion of female students from extracurricular activities
  • Plagiarism accusations
  • Unauthorized collaboration in university processes
  • Students contending with university offices of institutional equity

We have prevailed in hearings for accused students and help students strategize about smart approaches to minimize harm when a hearing is not in the student’s best interest. When appropriate, we litigate against universities. If you are a student who wants help understanding your rights, NachtLaw‘s experienced education lawyers are here to guide you through the process. To arrange a consultation, contact our law firm.

David Nacht and Fabiola (“Fabi”) have spent their careers representing students in trouble and those accused of misconduct of all kinds: academic, criminal, harassment and discrimination. Familiarity with the process and the players is key to this work.

Parents usually believe and advocate for their children, but in our experience, parental advocacy usually backfires. Students are more likely to share the truth with lawyers than their parents. Lying in the process is typically more serious than the underlying offense.

While each college has its own process, there are a few basic approaches that are common to all of them. We take the time to explain it all to you.

Advocacy On Behalf Of Educational Professionals

At NachtLaw, we take the rights of teachers, professors and students very seriously. Our Michigan employment attorneys represent educational and academic employees in:

Representing Students And Staff Falsely Accused Of Misconduct

“David Nacht represented my son in a university proceeding involving very serious false allegations. He defended him vigorously, which resulted in a positive outcome. He was always there for both my son and me and fought his hardest with a very caring and supportive attitude. He took phone calls at all hours and was very compassionate throughout a very grueling process. My son has since graduated from the university. I cannot thank David enough.” ~ Sandy B.

David Nacht has extensive experience representing staff members, faculty and students caught up in cases of sexual misconduct, intellectual dishonesty or other wrongdoing. These cases may involve coaches and players, professors and students, or students and students. Allegations of misconduct can lead to serious ramifications, from termination/job loss to disciplinary proceedings. This is particularly tricky for public education and higher education teachers who may be accused of harassment after saying the wrong thing in class, etc. Our lawyers have the advantage of working with our criminal defense attorneys to handle cases involving criminal conduct such as assault, sexual assault, harassment, and failure to report a disciplinary or criminal charge. If you and your attorney determine that you need to reach out to the schools directly, visit our resources for contact information to Michigan schools.

Negotiation Of Labor Contracts

At NachtLaw, our attorneys negotiate contracts and provide educational unions and labor organizations with the kind of advice that gets results at the bargaining table. We counsel clients with regard to strategy in collective bargaining negotiations, strategic relationships with key stakeholders and obtaining a favorable environment for beneficial outcomes. In fact, our lawyers regularly handle hearings before the Teachers’ Tenure Commission.

Contact Our Education And Employment Lawyers

For more information or to schedule an appointment regarding a contractual or disciplinary matter in the education law field, please contact a Michigan education lawyer at NachtLaw. We represent clients throughout Michigan from offices located in Ann Arbor, Birmingham and Traverse City. At NachtLaw, our education law attorneys represent students, teachers and professors at all public and private Michigan colleges and universities, including: University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Albion College, Washtenaw Community College, Concordia University, Michigan Technological University, The Art Institute of Michigan, Wayne County Community College District, Wayne State University and Jackson Community College. Call us at 866-965-2488.