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Steps to take if you are charged with a felony

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An arrest and subsequent charges of committing a felony crime represent a potentially life-changing future. Those convicted face lengthy prison sentences and other penalties that continue long after incarceration. The complexities of this level of criminal defense are not something to take on without legal help.

Protect your rights

Specific steps exist to help protect your rights, starting with staying calm and polite and not resisting arrest, which can only add to the alleged crimes, if not make you look guilty.

A significant part of the arrest involves law enforcement reading your rights, specifically your Fifth Amendment right to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. Simply put, you have the option of politely refusing to answer questions while you are in custody.

Secure legal counsel

Retaining legal counsel is vital in the ongoing protection of your rights. The longer you wait, the more you are doing more harm to your case than good. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help get to the facts of your case.

Moving forward without representation and in the shadow of a felony could see prosecutors offering a plea bargain, claiming they are looking out for your interests. Simply put, they’re not. Felony convictions strip certain rights, which include voting and securing a professional license.

Posting bail

Bail involves complex steps in the process and requires legal counsel. A attorney can review the case and identify areas where bail should be reduced or released without bail. Again, help from a criminal defense lawyer can provide insight to avoid making serious mistakes that are personally and financially costly.

An arrest for a crime is not something to handle without an experienced lawyer at your side every step of the way to even the odds you face.