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Helping Employees Protect Their Rights

A workplace should be a safe environment. When an employee is wrongfully terminated, harassed or discriminated against, they often have legal options for holding their employer accountable. An experienced lawyer can often help an individual seek compensation for illegal mistreatment in the workplace.

At NachtLaw, P.C., our attorneys’ goal is preserving fundamental fairness and dignity for Ann Arbor individuals, whether in the workplace or in the courts. They stand up against workplace injustice and inequality, and they fight for innocent people wrongly accused of crimes or unfairly treated by the system.

Assisting Individuals With An Array Of Issues

Employment law can cover a range of legal issues. Our lawyers have the experience necessary to aid our clients in many of these complex areas, including the following:

  • Employment discrimination: They protect employees by addressing employment discrimination and harassment, including discrimination based on family responsibilities and sexual orientation.
  • Employee rights: Employment rights guide our team’s representation of our clients. Our lawyers help employees bring wage and hour claims, protect their privacy as employees and understand their rights under federal and state law. They also advise service members, veterans and reservists about their rights.
  • Medical leave/disability rights: Our attorneys enforce the rights of employees under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other state and federal laws that protect employee medical leave and disability rights.
  • Executive compensation: Our experienced employment attorneys assist executives and other highly compensated employees with their compensation packages.
  • Employment contracts: Our team is experienced in negotiating severance agreements, non-compete agreements and protecting the interests of people who have been wrongfully discharged.
  • Whistleblowers and fraud claims: They also use the law to protect whistleblowers from retaliation for reporting fraud.
  • The Workers Adjustment and Retraining (WARN) Act: The WARN Act provides guidelines for advance notice in cases of qualified plant closings or mass layoffs.

Whether they’re offering discreet advice, such as counseling employees about their privacy rights or informing H-1B visa workers of their rights, or handling complex litigation, such as protecting whistleblowers from retaliation, our attorneys have the tools to preserve our clients’ dignity and protect employee rights in all types of workplaces.

Lawyers Who Understand Labor Law

Our labor law attorneys regularly protect the rights of labor unions in administrative hearings, grievance hearings, arbitrations, contract bargaining and federal court litigation.

Their goal is resolving disputes while preserving relationships – often through labor arbitration – and ensuring that our clients’ best interests are protected.

Answers To Common Questions

Realizing that your workplace is discriminatory or unsafe is upsetting. It can be hard to know what to do next. At NachtLaw, P.C., our team wants to help you find the answers to all your questions. Below are some of the most common ones that our lawyers receive.

What is the process for handling whistleblower claims?

An employment law attorney can guide the whistleblower through proper reporting channels, ensuring compliance with relevant rules and laws. They may also assist in investigating the claim, advocating for the whistleblower’s protection against retaliation and pursuing legal action.

How can an employment law attorney help with Equal Pay Act disputes?

An employment law attorney plays a crucial role in helping individuals navigate Equal Pay Act disputes. They can assess the situation and determine if there is a case for gender-based wage discrimination. Then, they can represent the employee in negotiations or litigation to seek fair compensation and address any discriminatory practices.

What focused skills and knowledge do employment law attorneys have when handling wage claims?

Employment law attorneys have a deep understanding of labor laws and regulations. Whether they’re addressing issues related to minimum wage, overtime or other compensation matters, employment law attorneys play a crucial role in safeguarding the rights of workers.

What are noncompete drafting and litigation, and how can an employment law attorney assist with these?

No one should sign a noncompete agreement without having the draft reviewed by an employment law attorney for fairness. These lawyers can also help fight unfair and overly draconian restricted covenants.

How can an employment law attorney assist with culture and employee relations audits?

These attorneys ensure that the company’s practices, policies and procedures align with legal standards and ethical considerations. By identifying potential areas of concern, an employment law attorney assists organizations in cultivating positive work environments, mitigating legal risks and fostering healthy employee relations.

How can an employment law attorney help with employee classification audits?

Employee classification audits involve scrutinizing the proper categorization of workers as either exempt or nonexempt from wage and hour laws. These lawyers play a pivotal role in conducting such audits, ensuring that businesses comply with regulatory requirements and minimizing the legal risks.

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