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Attorney Fee Allowance Awarded In Crosby Matter

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2012 | Firm News |

In a recent court opinion in the 14th Circuit Court for the County of Muskegon, Judge Graves awards David Nacht and his team an upward allowance of attorney and paralegal fees over and above the 95th percentile for the Muskegon/Mid-Michigan Area. Here’s why and some of what Hon. James M. Graves, Jr. had to say:

  1. “The professional standing and experience of Attorney Nacht in the field of employment law is of the highest order. He has decades of experience, been named a Michigan super lawyer, and has a Martindale-Hubbell rating of AV.
  2. The case of Delores Rankin-Crosby v. Michigan Department of Corrections, involved extensive preparation, responses to two defense motions for summary judgment and a defense application for leave to appeal, 740.8 hours of legal work performed by plaintiff law firm, and above-average skill in dealing with difficult fact issues.
  3. Plaintiff received a jury award of $224,812.00
  4. The case was extremely difficult as to the fact issues, as plaintiff was the only witness who testified on her own behalf, while the defense had approximately seven witnesses whose testimony contradicted plaintiff. There were sufficiently complex legal issues for defendant to file two separate motions for summary disposition and one application for leave to appeal. In considering both factors (3) and (4), the court finds the plaintiff received an excellent result which would justify an upward allowance of attorney fees.”