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When Does An Employee Know It Is Time To Hire An Attorney?

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2016 | Employment Law |

As the economy slogs through another year of The Great Recession, many employees continue to muddle through unsatisfactory job arrangements. Unfortunately, sometimes an unsatisfactory arrangement becomes a legally actionable problem that requires legal help. To assist in finding the right course of action for you, the state of Michigan website offers contact information for a number of resources.

But what if it is time for you to contact a lawyer? And how do you know when that time has come?

Particularly if your place of employment touts its own internal proceedings to resolve disputes and other employment issues, you may think you still have time. Even if that is the case, however, it is wise to consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

An experienced employment attorney can help you recognize when and if those internal proceedings turn out to be a sham. Many such internal proceedings, unfortunately, do more to protect an employer than they do to resolve any real disputes or to protect your rights.

Even without becoming engaged in an internal workplace proceeding, you may also know it is time to consult with an attorney when your home life begins to suffer. Particularly in situations involving harassment and discrimination, you may find yourself unable to parent effectively at home or to be a good spouse.

You may also start isolating yourself from social situations. An attorney can help bring back your peace of mind by showing you how you can put yourself back in charge of your life in the workplace.

Choosing to consult an attorney regarding a workplace issue is always a difficult decision. Consulting one as early as possible, though, gives your attorney the best chance to protect your rights and maximize any recovery that may be available to you under the law.