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On the Heels of Labor Day, Sobering News for All Workers

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2016 | Employment Law, Firm News |

The decline of labor unions has hurt all workers – not just those in unions – according to a recent paper by the Economic Policy Institute, a worker-friendly “think tank.” The paper argues that when unions were strong, it kept wages high for non-union workers across the board, because industries paid workers more to meet standards set by unions. But now that unions have declined in numbers and influence, wages have fallen dramatically, especially for non-union workers without four year college degrees.

The decline of labor unions also impacts job protection. While most non-union workers can be terminated “at will,” most union members cannot be discharged except for “just cause” and may try their case before an arbitrator. This principle has been weakened in certain public sectors by anti-worker legislation like “teacher tenure reform” and “Right to Work.”

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An article about the Economic Policy Institute’s study can be accessed in The Huffington Post.

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