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Border Patrol Warrantless Searches Far From The Border

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Nacht Law in the News |

A federal law says the Border Patrol can conduct warrantless searches and trespass on private property within 100 miles of the Border. Think about that.

Why should people who look dark or Latino have all the fun of being treated like criminals or the enemy in their own country? Let’s all join in the exciting adventure of police stopping us at checkpoints on streets right by our homes; producing ID; and getting searched and maybe even arrested for contraband. Not at the border; but in the good old formerly freedom-loving USA.

After all, only really old people remember the Soviet Union used to do things like this. And no one remembers Nazi Germany. So in modern politics, no one can say “hey we don’t want to be like the Communist countries” because few remember why they were so awful.

Scare people enough of illegal immigrants; terrorists and drugs, and they will join up to live in a police state.

Freedom means riding the bus and driving the streets inside America and not getting stopped and searched unless you commit a crime.  The Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution protects against “unreasonable searches and seizures”. Anyone who doesn’t understand how American that idea is needs to spend more time in some foreign countries.

Read the N.Y. Times article, Under Trump, Border Patrol Steps Up Searches Far Beyond The Border”, by Ron Nixon