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Stop Violence Against Women

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2018 | Discrimination |

I confess that I have not learned enough about the community of violent women-haters, outside the context of domestic violence and rape. This article about the recent Toronto terrorist attack contends the attacker’s focus had been on hating women who were denying him sex. The author of the article discusses the existence of online forums of men who turn their personal rejections by women into their own violent hatred of women. Evidently, the Toronto driver intentionally aimed at women after blogging his own similar thoughts, and this has made him a hero on these websites. I don’t know how prevalent these sites are, and how many murderers of women are similarly inspired.

I am thunderstruck at the grotesque lack of humanity of men who hate women as a group so much that they want to kill them. It had not occurred to me that serial killers, rapists of adult women or domestic violence practitioners would chat on websites with fellow believers in the way that Al Qaida, Neo-Nazis and child pornographers do.

I am so saddened to learn that there are groups of men who want to murder women and that they encourage each other. We need to figure out the scope of this problem and how to solve it.

Read the article, When Misogynists Become Terrorists, by Jessica Valenti, April 26, 2018.