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What happens when teachers go on strike?

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2019 | Firm News |

To the average person in Michigan, a teacher strike is often seen as a huge inconvenience. It makes it difficult for children to get an education and creates tension between parents and teachers. However, a strike is not something educators take lightly. They try everything possible to avoid it. During the strike, they are not simply getting a vacation. Things are happening during this time.

According to the League of Education Voters, negotiation takes place during a teachers’ strike to help reach an agreement and put things to an end. It is the stalling of negotiations that lead to the strike in the first place, so obviously, everyone wants to continue working to reach a resolution.

For parents, while there is a strike, it is unlikely that school will be in session. There are too many staff members who will be out to keep the school operating. So, you will have to find alternative options for child care while you are at work. This may also be true if you use a school daycare if the daycare teachers are part of the strike. It is possible to get an injunction that would prevent the strike from occurring. However, this requires going to court and may not end up stopping the strike.

Usually, the best way to end a strike is to encourage the school district and the teachers’ union to come to an agreement. When everyone can reach a solution together, it can prevent a strike or at least put an end to one quickly. This information is for education and is not legal advice.