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What is Title IX?

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2019 | Title IX |

One of the most seminal pieces of law regarding equality between the sexes in the United States and, as a result, the State of Michigan is Title IX. It is important to understand the influence of Title IX and its implications, particularly if you are attending university. According to the State of Michigan, both federal and state laws require that individuals are protected against discrimination based on their gender.

Title IX was originally passed in 1972. It was the first federal piece of legislation designed to protect individuals from discrimination based on sex where educational institutions are concerned. It is a requirement under Title IX that each school district have a Title IX Coordinator available, and some school districts have more than one coordinator employed.

Essentially, under Title IX, both males and females are entitled to equal protection under the law where scholarships, sexual harassment, and other issues are concerned when federal funding is involved.

Opposition to Title IX is generally rooted in the fact that funding to male athletic programs may suffer slightly as a result of attention to female programs. There have even been challenges to Title IX such as the attempted Tower Amendment which sought to exclude revenue-producing programs from the requirements of Title IX.

However, the courts have consistently ruled in favor of Title IX over the years. Overall, Title IX is an extremely important piece of legislation where sports are concerned, particularly in the collegiate realm. It is important to understand your rights under Title IX and to take appropriate action if they have been violated.

This post is intended to educate you on the specifics of Title IX. it is not intended to be taken as legal advice.