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Employees who raise work safety concerns risk retaliation

On Behalf of | May 5, 2020 | Employment Law |

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit workers particularly hard. Those who are deemed “essential,” such as health care, law enforcement, food services, cleaning and janitorial, are especially vulnerable to the virus. Employees who raise work safety concerns risk retaliation.

Those workers who have lost their jobs, or had their wages cut, face an overwhelmed unemployment compensation system. Even those who successfully receive benefits may lose their health care. This places added burdens on families, who already face financial hardship.


It has never been more important for workers to have protection. Those in labor unions are grateful for the additional job security provided by their collective bargaining agreements. Non-unionized workers may be wondering if NOW is the time to organize.


The attorneys at Nacht & Roumel are ready to help all workers affected by this pandemic. They are proud to represent several labor unions and professional associations, and will be happy to work with those who want to organize their own workplace – into a strong union that cares about protecting its workers – especially in these times of crisis.