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One in Four Black Workers Report Discrimination at Work

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2021 | Discrimination, Firm News |

Most non-Black Americans will be surprised to learn that a quarter of all African-American employees report experiencing racial discrimination during the past year.

Many white people find themselves frustrated with the attention paid to racial difference and inequality in national discussions.   Civil rights laws are more than 50 years old — isn’t it time to move on to other problems, they wonder?   Doesn’t all this talk of racial division, we hear people such as Tucker Carlson suggest,  promote backlash and disunity and even racism?

But the fallacy behind the desire of race neutrality or colorblind approaches to policy is that African Americans can forget their skin color, that they are treated the same as whites.  They can’t because they are not.

We don’t need COVID death disparities and videos of police officers killing African American suspects to feel those differences.   All you need to do is have close Black friends who share their experiences.   What if you don’t have that opportunity at present?  Then go through two thought experiments.

Imagine how much money you would need to give your child a pill that would change their skin color from white to Black, forever.  I suspect it is not a small sum.

Here is another one.  After COVID and we are to congregate together, at a ball game or movie theatre or conference, imagine that everyone in the crowd who is white is Black and vice versa.   Feel the sense of alienation.

We have work to do.

Click here to learn more information on the study brought to you by Gallup Center on Black Voices and read the article, “One in Four Black Workers Report Discrimination at Work“, by Camille Lloyd.