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Appeals Court Victory – Ohio appeals court upholds NachtLaw win in a business dispute, invalidating burdensome non-compete agreement

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2021 | Firm News |

In January 2021, firm principal David Nacht won a victory for a real estate entrepreneur who left his former employer to consult for an innovative start-up real estate agency. The entrepreneur was hit with a thirteen-count lawsuit alleging everything from breach of a non-compete agreement, to the theft of trade secrets, to tortious interference, to criminal conspiracy, just for going to work for another company.

An aggressive, careful legal strategy led to the dismissal of all counts except the breach of the non-compete claim in the Ohio Court of Common Pleas, and the former employer appealed.

In an opinion dated January 8, 2021, the Ohio Sixth District Court of Appeals not only affirmed NachtLaw’s victory on all twelve dismissed counts but also dismissed the remaining breach of contract claim. The court held the non-compete agreement void was as a matter of law.

NachtLaw’s attorneys routinely counsel employees about non-competes and do not hesitate to litigate non-compete and trade secret battles to protect clients’ right to work.

To read the full opinion click here.