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Can my employer fire me for not getting a COVID vaccination?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2021 | Discrimination, Employment Law |

Getting fired for vaccine refusal … is it legal?  Can you still get unemployment?

Simply put, Nacht says “In general, I firmly believe that mandatory vaccine policies are going to be found lawful by the vast majority of courts, I have no reason to believe that courts in Michigan will strike them down.”

Nacht sites recent court rulings in Indiana as an example of courts upholding an employer’s right to mandate a vaccine.

“Let’s face it most employers are private businesses and an employer is a private entity. They can do what they like unless it violates a specific rule. So, an employer can set your dress code, an employer can set your hours. Employers interfere with your liberty and all kinds of ways” explains Nacht.

The way Nacht sees it, if refusing a company-mandated vaccine is most likely a violation of a company policy, then it is grounds for termination, barring religious or medical exemptions.


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