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Corporate Lawyers vs. Trial Lawyers

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2023 | Business |

When to hire a trial lawyer instead of a corporate lawyer

Corporate lawyers, or in-house lawyers, assist companies while they conduct regular business. They may draw up and review contracts, ensure regulatory compliance and even help with taxes.

Trial lawyers defend their clients in lawsuits or other legal battles. Therefore, in addition to finding the right attorney for your business, you also need to find a trial lawyer to protect your business.

You need legal representation in a lawsuit

Trial lawyers have an aptitude for arguing a case in court in front of a jury and judge. They specialize in creating persuasive opening and closing statements, using logic to prove points and developing poignant questions. Therefore, if you get sued in commercial litigation, you could benefit from a trial lawyer.

You have a business disputes

You probably started your partnership under the assumption that everyone would work for the best interests of the company and its stakeholders. However, not everyone’s opinion of “best interests” is the same. Trial lawyers can help you avoid long trials by negotiating and mediating these disputes, including buy-sell agreements or breaches of contract.

You have negotiations and speaking engagements

Companies typically participate in negotiations frequently. Negotiation and mediation require persuasive openings and closings. They understand how to effectively advocate for their clients’ positions. These skills transfer seamlessly to corporate negotiations.

Your trial lawyer is your strongest advocate, and their training makes this advocacy more effective. Your regular lawyer may handle small trials. When the business faces a major issue, you need experienced counsel who is comfortable with multi year, million page document plus battles. And you want your lead counsel to have tried many jury trials.