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Washtenaw Community College Discriminated Against Female Candidate

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2014 | Discrimination |

Washtenaw Community College discriminated against Female Candidate in violation of State and Federal Law, lawsuit alleges.

A new lawsuit filed against WCC this week in Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan alleges the College intentionally discriminated against a female candidate for a full time faculty position. The Plaintiff, Stephanie Gelderloos, was a long time adjunct at the school who alleges she was passed up for a full time position even after being unanimously recommended by a hiring committee. According to the federal discrimination complaint, the WCC Vice President for Instruction tampered with the hiring process for the specific purpose of forcing the hiring committee to put forth a less qualified male candidate in addition to Gelderloos. The lawsuit alleges the treatment was part of an intentional WCC policy to hire male faculty over female candidates regardless of qualifications, for the purpose of increasing male representation in the English Department.

Gelderloos is represented by Civil Rights Attorney David Blanchard, with the Ann Arbor based law firm of Nacht, Roumel & Walker.

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