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March 2016 Archives

NachtLaw Challenges Internet Anonymity

NachtLaw represents a prominent cancer researcher who was subject to a vicious smear campaign, by anonymous commenters on an anonymously hosted web site. With false and defamatory statements, including document forgery, these anonymous posters not only cost the researcher a promising new job offer, but caused him to lose his tenure with his present University position. On behalf of the researcher, NachtLaw sued "John and Jane Doe(s)" and subpoenaed the website to learn the identity of these posters.

Nakisha Chaney Meets with Bangladeshi Delegates to Discuss Civil Human Trafficking Litigation in the United States

On March 29, 2016, Nakisha Chaney met with several delegates from Bangladesh to discuss the United States' civil litigation system and its role in the anti-human trafficking effort.

WCBA Seminar: "Disability Across Disciplines"

NachtLaw, PC is sponsoring the upcoming WCBA seminar: "Disability Across Disciplines" and attorney Charlotte Croson will be speaking on the subject matter of ADA/FMLA. This seminar seeks to provide you with the basic information that will allow you to make sense of "disability" issues and give valuable advice to your clients.

I've Been Fired. Now What?

Termination from a job can be a devastating event in which an employee may suffer many losses. Income, financial security and professional reputation may be lost. Some may feel a loss of dignity, relevance and self-esteem. Still others may experience a loss of hope, ambition and purpose. One common consequence of being fired, particularly from long-term employment, is that matters that once seemed certain suddenly become uncertain, a situation that can reasonably trigger a torrent of difficult emotions, including anger, grief, depression, anxiety and panic. It's fair to say that few of us are fully prepared to handle the shock of sudden unemployment. However, if you find yourself in such a situation, there are things that you can do to recover well and move on to (hopefully) something even better. Below are a few suggestions that may help you to pick up the pieces:

How Employers Disguise Age Discrimination Of Senior Managers

The Great Recession challenged many retirement assumptions for those in their 50s and 60s. Investment portfolios have not recovered and many find they need to work more years and delay retirement.

The Unacceptability of Bigotry

I make it a point not to advocate for particular political positions or to take positions on questions of public policy that are not directly related to the interest of my clients, at least when I am writing in my capacity as the shareholder of a law firm. Recent events however, have led me to believe that it would be irresponsible to stay quiet in light of public discourse which seems to encourage bigotry. In these pages I do not advocate for or against a particular policy concerning immigration. However, as a law firm that fights against discrimination, I must speak out against the casual labeling of Mexican-Americans as having tendencies towards criminal conduct, by one presidential candidate.

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