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An Iron Defense For The Career You’ve Worked Hard For

Whether you’ve been accused of white collar crime or professional misconduct, so much more that your license is on the line. Your reputation, your livelihood and your career are at risk, and you need one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Michigan who are experienced in professional license defense.

The issue we see most commonly is professionals like accountants, physicians, educators and even lawyers thinking that they can defend themselves. Unfortunately, not having federal criminal attorneys on your side can put you in a situation that is far worse than the original accusations.

It requires not just knowledge and honesty, but skill, presentation and understanding of the regulatory systems to back up your case and get you the best outcome. At NachtLaw, our passion for excellence and team attitude structured around top-tier client service provide us with the unyielding drive to do absolutely everything we can to fight for you and your license.

An unusual combination of some of the highest credentials, an outstanding courtroom presence, a passion for strategy and a competitive need to win puts us at the forefront of Michigan criminal defense.

We are able to really get to the heart of your case, not missing a single detail, and form an iron defense so you are protected. Call us at 866-965-2488 or send us an email.

A consultation from one of our lawyers may be all you need to make your own case, or we may advise you to let us stay by your side the entire process in order to get the best possible outcome. We provide legal assistance to clients throughout Michigan and Ohio from our office locations in Ann Arbor, Birmingham, Traverse City and Toledo.