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Protections For Those Who Report Government Fraud

There are many state and federal laws that protect Michigan employees from retaliation or discrimination for making a claim or reporting criminal activity, commonly known as “whistleblower” claims. In cases of government fraud, the False Claims Act allows an individual to sue on behalf of the government. Unfortunately, employers don’t always do the right thing. Whistleblower and other anti-retaliation laws protect employees from discrimination for:

  • Reporting a crime
  • Making or assisting in a discrimination claim
  • Making a workers’ compensation claim
  • Demanding unpaid wages
  • Requesting disability accommodations
  • Reporting an OSHA safety violation
  • Reporting accounting irregularities in a publicly traded corporation (Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Reporting misuse of government funds
  • False Claims Act

If you have been fired or discriminated against for taking part in one of these whistleblower activities or standing up for other Michigan employee rights, the experienced team of employment lawyers at NachtLaw can help. Whistleblower lawsuits often involve a complex set of facts and years of employment history. Whistleblowers may have other workplace performance issues that the employer claims as the reason for retaliation. Whistleblowers sometimes document their reports, but sometimes they blow the whistle or threaten to blow the whistle in an informal conversation, making it harder, but not impossible, to prove the whistleblower’s claim. Our lawyers at NachtLaw will cut through an employer’s excuses to get to the truth of your whistleblower claim. We can dig up government records of the protected whistleblowing activities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your whistleblower rights and your options. If litigation is the answer, our lawyers are ready to fight for your whistleblower rights.

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