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Protect Your Interests Before You Sign A Severance Agreement

On the surface, severance agreements offer generous benefits to departing employees. If you are ending your business relationship with your employer, however, it is important to review the contract terms with a skilled attorney before you sign. Buried under legalese, unfavorable provisions can hinder your future employment options or restrict benefits.

At NachtLaw, our employment law attorneys can assess the terms of your severance agreement and negotiate for more favorable terms if necessary. We have successfully represented countless employees in contract matters, protecting their employment rights and securing beneficial outcomes. Whether you are an hourly employee or a senior executive, we are ready to advocate for you.

What You Need To Know About Severance Packages

It is up to your employer’s discretion to offer a severance package when you leave your position unless you negotiated an agreement when you were hired or your business offers compensation as a company policy. Well-written severance agreements can benefit both the employer and employee, as they create financial security for the employee and limit legal liabilities for the employer.

Before you sign this contract, it is important to scrutinize its provisions. Do the financial benefits outweigh the agreement’s restrictions? Your contract may contain unfavorable terms that include:

  • Giving up your right to take action against your employer for wrongful termination or other unlawful acts
  • Agreeing not to solicit customers after you leave your work
  • Abiding by the terms of a noncompete agreement, which may dictate the terms of your future employment

As your legal ally, we look out for your best interests. You can depend on us to give you a straightforward evaluation of your severance package so that you are well-informed of the career and financial challenges that may lie ahead. Should you determine that the compensation offered is not adequate, we will negotiate aggressively for fair terms.

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