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Legal Representation For Tenure Commission Appeals

If a Michigan teacher appeals to the Tenure Commission on time, the Tenure Commission will assign an administrative law judge to conduct a hearing. The hearing may be public or private at the teacher’s option.

The teacher can and should be represented by counsel experienced in education law. In many cases, the teacher’s union will provide a representative free of charge. Michigan teachers have a right to present their cases through the testimony of witnesses and the submission of documents.

The school board will be responsible for proving that (1) misconduct occurred, and (2) that the penalty imposed for the misconduct was not “arbitrary and capricious.” Examples of punishable misconduct include incompetence, insubordination, unprofessional conduct, absenteeism, crimes against the employer, intoxication or other violations of the teacher code of conduct.

At NachtLaw, our education law attorneys not only can offer assistance in tenure proceedings for K-12 teachers, but can also represent teachers and professors at all public and private Michigan colleges and universities, including University of Michigan, Eastern Michigan University, Albion College, Washtenaw Community College, Concordia University, Michigan Technological University, The Art Institute of Michigan, Wayne County Community College District, Wayne State University and Jackson Community College.

Ready To Help With Your Tenure Dispute

At NachtLaw, our education lawyers take the rights of teachers seriously. NachtLaw lawyers are prepared to stand up for teacher tenure rights and advocate for the best interests of Michigan teachers whether at a Tenure Commission hearing or in the courtroom. Our job is to defend the right to continue practicing in the career to which you have dedicated yourself. If you are a Michigan teacher facing tenure action, contact the education lawyers at NachtLaw to arrange an initial consultation today by calling 866-965-2488.