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Protecting The Rights Of Academics And Researchers

If you have worked for years to build a career in academia, you need to protect that career from the effects of politics, harassment or discrimination and other problematic situations. If you have encountered an employment challenge that calls for the guidance of an experienced lawyer in Michigan, our firm can help.

Safeguarding Your Career

At NachtLaw, we understand how the law applies to the rights and interests of college and university employees. Our employment law attorneys advise and represent professors, academic researchers and university administrators in a variety of important legal matters. We can help you protect your interests and safeguard your career with regard to:

  • Academic integrity: We assist clients in protecting their reputations from the effects of allegations of academic wrongdoing.
  • Tenure: We advise clients who are experiencing problems related to tenure, compensation and other employment issues.
  • Harassment: We represent professors who have been harassed or subjected within academic departments.
  • Discrimination: We protect the rights of academics who have been discriminated against because of their membership in a protected class. If you believe you are the subject of employment discrimination related to your age, sex, gender, national identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy or other factors, get the legal guidance you need.
  • Defensive investigations: We help professors protect their legal rights and reputations when they are falsely accused or need to defend themselves in an internal (university) or government investigation.

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NachtLaw provides legal representation for professors at public and private institutions. The firm has offices in Ann Arbor, Traverse City and Birmingham. We also have an office in Toledo, Ohio. Contact NachtLaw to discuss your legal matter in confidence by calling 866-965-2488.