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Know Your Rights Under The False Claims Act

A growing number of brave employees are choosing to blow the whistle on government fraud. Unfortunately, whistleblowing can put your job in jeopardy. Improper disclosure may inadvertently give up your right to sue for the fraud. The False Claims Act protects individuals from retaliation by employers, and the “qui tam” provision allows a whistleblower to sue for a portion of any money from the employer’s false claims. Both federal and state law have specific provisions that make fraudulent claims illegal and protect the rights of employees who “blow the whistle.” Unfortunately, government fraud is on the rise with opportunistic government contractors looking to exploit the current influx of federal dollars into the economy through the Recovery Act. It can happen in Medicare billing, highway and transportation contracting, and anywhere else government funds are spent. If you are an employee aware of fraudulent actions on the part of your employer, you should have an attorney in your corner.

Michigan Attorneys Representing Government Fraud Whistleblowers

At NachtLaw, we assist employees with reporting employer fraud, and the misuse of state and federal dollars in accordance with the False Claims Act. Our attorneys will advise you on how best to protect yourself from employer retaliation and ensure your rights are respected. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation with an experienced and dedicated lawyer.

What Is The False Claims Act?

The federal False Claims Act was enacted in response to the billions of dollars being lost to dishonest government contractors on an annual basis. It is designed to hold those organizations/entities that purposely defraud the federal government civilly liable for their actions. Recently, the Fraud Enforcement and Recovery Act expanded that protection to employees of subcontractors, even if the subcontractors don’t directly receive government dollars. In order to encourage employees with knowledge of any employer wrongdoing to come forward, the False Claims Act includes specific provisions that safeguard employees from retaliatory action by their employer. More importantly, the Act also contains a qui tam provision that grants the whistle blowing employee a percentage of the total money recovered from their employer. If the federal government chooses not to move forward with a case against the employer, the employee can still pursue a qui tam action on their own with the assistance of their lawyer.

Our Representation — Your Protection

At NachtLaw, we are committed to protecting those who step forward to report government fraud. We understand the importance of privacy and discretion in these sensitive matters. Whistleblowing employees can best protect their rights and their jobs when they get legal advice before they step forward. Whether you need our assistance reporting wrongdoing or have questions about a qui tam action under the federal False Claims Act, you can rely on our knowledge, skill and experience.

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