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For Michigan And Ohio Businesses, It’s Like Having In-House Counsel

Companies need lawyers who understand their marketplace. They need lawyers who understand the business-to-business and government procurement environments; who have contacts and relationships; and who have the tenacity, when necessary, to fight.

You don’t need another engineer as your general counsel. You need a tour guide through the legal, political and business environments where technical answers don’t solve the problems. You need lawyers who focus on practical problem-solving and who have developed useful relationships.

The lawyers at NachtLaw, P.C. have the skills and experience to respond quickly and effectively to all your business needs. From commercial litigation or employment litigation in federal court to risk reduction through effective management training, the attorneys at NachtLaw, P.C. have cost-effective solutions for your business.

You need a lawyer who can generate the meeting that can break through the impasse, close the deal or get the green light for your development project

You need a lawyer who can suggest a cost-effective resolution that doesn’t jeopardize your business relationships.

You need a lawyer who will fight now to protect your business from anticompetitive practices and from attempts to steal your trade secrets, not one who will waste valuable time and money billing for long memos describing the problem. When you need solutions now, you need NachtLaw, P.C.

NachtLaw, P.C., provides general counsel services to companies and nonprofits, from high-tech research, design and manufacturing, to affordable housing providers and from “brick-and mortar” property management companies to multimillion-dollar online businesses without even an office.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide top-tier service for small and growing companies. Our cost structure is reasonable. Our approach to our clients focuses on adding value — not writing memos. All of our lawyers have stellar academic credentials. Some of the nation’s largest firms and most respected attorneys call on us when they need legal counsel they can trust.

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