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Protecting Your Professional Licenses And Certifications

As a practicing professional, it is absolutely imperative to keep your license active and current. Your livelihood and your reputation depend on it. Unfortunately, unfounded accusations or even personal lapses can seriously jeopardize the career that you have worked so hard to build. If faced with these circumstances, you will need the services of an experienced, skilled and aggressive attorney to fight for your professional license. At NachtLaw, we represent health care professionals, teachers and attorneys throughout Michigan whose professional licensure is at risk. Rest assured, we will zealously defend your right to continue practicing in your field. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. The issue we see most commonly is professionals like accountants, physicians, educators and even lawyers thinking that they can defend themselves. Unfortunately, not having federal criminal attorneys on your side who routinely deal with these kinds of cases can put you in a situation that is far worse than the original accusations. It requires not just knowledge and honesty, but skill, presentation and understanding of the regulatory systems to back up your case and get you the best outcome.

Preserving Your Career And Your Reputation

There are a multitude of reasons your professional license may be at risk or revoked. Perhaps you are facing (true or not) allegations of misconduct on the job, such as drug abuse, workplace harassment or misuse of client funds. Perhaps you are facing criminal charges for a DUI or other crime. Without prompt legal defense, your reputation could be irreparably damaged. Our attorneys are fully prepared to protect your rights and advocate for your best interests whether at a licensing hearing or criminal court. They are experienced in representing professionals before:

  • Grievance panels
  • Tenure committees
  • Bar associations
  • State boards

Personal Attention During Difficult Times

An unusual combination of some of the highest credentials, an outstanding courtroom presence, a passion for strategy and a competitive need to win put us at the forefront of Michigan criminal defense. In this way, we are able to really get to the heart of your case, not missing a single detail, and form an iron defense so you are protected. Knowing that your credentials are in peril can be devastating. You have invested innumerable hours into building your reputation and your practice only to potentially lose it all. At NachtLaw, we understand and appreciate the impact that losing your professional license can have. We know you have concerns about your career, your livelihood and your clients. Rest assured, we are here to address these concerns and protect your professional interests.

We Are Ready To Help You Protect Your Career

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