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Are You Not Being Paid For The Hours You Work?

Under state and federal law, your paycheck must include pay for every minute you work. Unless you fall into a set of narrow exemptions, you are also entitled to time-and-a-half pay for all overtime hours. Sometimes employers make mistakes or intentionally miscalculate wage compensation employees should receive for the work they have performed. Far too frequently, employees simply accept their employers’ statements as to “what the law is” when they are being deprived of full and fair wages for their labor, whether straight time or overtime. If you are concerned that your paycheck does not fairly pay you for your work time or you have been deprived of overtime pay, come to the wage and hour lawyers of NachtLaw, P.C., in Michigan. Our attorneys provide a perspective of experience for clients pursuing wage and hour, and overtime claims against their Michigan employers. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our experienced wage and hour lawyers.

Effectively Handling All Wage And Hour Claims

Wage and hour claims may involve a variety of common mistakes that employers make when determining straight pay and overtime pay for their employee paychecks. Our employment lawyers have seen it all in overtime violations, including situations where:

  • Employers wrongly and illegally misclassify employees as exempt employees or as independent contractors to avoid paying legally required overtime — just being “salaried” does not mean you are exempt.
  • Employers pay normal hourly wages for overtime work over 40 hours, rather than the legally required time-and-a-half.
  • Employers require employees to perform work outside of their on-the-clock hours, either requiring employees to do preparatory work before punching the clock or requiring them to punch out but continue working.
  • Employers require tip-pooling or tip-sharing, and require employees to share the proceeds of tips with exempt management positions.

Let Us Review Your Case

Determining whether or not you have a valid wage and hour claim requires an in-depth analysis of your individual circumstances, timekeeping records, and paycheck and overtime hours. Come to our offices to speak with one of our experienced employment law attorneys. We will take the time to listen to your concerns, and we will explain your rights and options. Our lawyers work hard to get you the pay you are entitled to receive. We don’t shrink from the fight. We start with a demand. If the employer doesn’t respond with full backpay and double damages, we are fully prepared to take action in state or federal court to get you paid every penny in unpaid wages or overtime pay to which you are legally entitled. Contact us today at 888-312-7173 or online to schedule a confidential consultation.