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Know What You’re Getting Into Before Signing A Noncompete Contract

As an experienced professional, you know that no employer has any genuine, lasting allegiance to you. Ultimately, you need to look out for yourself with the help of skilled legal counsel. This is especially true of important employment contracts that frame your current and future job opportunities. A noncompete agreement is called a restrictive covenant for a reason. Signing a noncompete can greatly limit your prospects when you and your employer part ways. You should seek proper advice if you are preparing to sign any employment contract — or if you anticipate trouble with a contract you already signed.

Preventing Problems And Resolving Disputes

The employment law attorneys of NachtLaw know how to solve problems related to noncompete agreements — for employees and contractors alike. Equipped with decades of experience representing executives, business leaders, salespeople and other professionals, we can help you protect your career and your livelihood, whether you need help negotiating, defending yourself against a lawsuit, or suing your employer or former employer. Our lawyers can strategically address legal challenges involving:

  • Engineers, IT managers and technical employees
  • Larger employers and startups
  • Automotive technology positions
  • The enforceability of your noncompete agreement
  • Nondisclosure agreements and trade secrets
  • Contract positions and personnel agency roles

Make sure you understand the meaning of the provisions of a noncompete before you sign it or engage in litigation with a former employer. Our attorneys can review your document and provide the guidance you need.

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