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Why It Is So Important To Have A Skilled Lawyer Behind You

Professors and graduate students often make the mistake that because they are quite intelligent and they feel innocent, they can defend themselves. What they fail to realize is that investigators, administrators and bureaucrats have their own regulatory and institutional pressures that apply a burden of proof very differently from “proving” a fact in the academic or research world.

For instance, colleges and universities routinely apply a standard of “preponderance of the evidence” in determining whether a violation has occurred. That means “more likely than not” — a radically lower standard than used by researchers in proving a fact scientifically.

Also, the nature of evidence in an investigation is very different from what evidence is used in academic work. Typically, the first step is a preliminary inquiry. It is essential to have counsel experienced in educational law assist in preparing a statement at this stage so that options for defense are not harmed by an amateur “winging it.”

Skilled Legal Guidance In Academic Integrity Investigations

Attorney David Nacht, the son of a distinguished academic and the husband of another, has intimate familiarity with the culture of higher education. He has spent decades representing students, post-doctoral researchers, junior faculty, tenured faculty and academic administrators in a variety of career-threatening situations. David knows the difference between a minor methodological dispute and fabricating data.

He knows how to show that a mistake in following protocol is not a “material violation” of a federal health and safety requirement, whether the issue is one enforced by the CDC, NIH, DOE, a university vice president for research or a university office of institutional equity. You can rely on David’s experience and our entire team for guidance through any university investigation that may be happening. Contact our office to learn more.

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