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Legal Representation For Victims Of Workplace Retaliation

You should not have to fear reprisal for blowing the whistle on the illegal actions of your employer. For all employees, Michigan law prohibits your boss from firing you for making a report to a public body, such as the police. In addition, for government employees, the Constitution prohibits any disciplinary action based on protected speech. The civil rights lawyers at NachtLaw are ready to fight for your rights.

Michigan And Ohio Whistleblower Protection Lawyers

If you feel you have been retaliated against as a whistleblower or for exercising your First Amendment free speech rights, an experienced attorney can help you. At NachtLaw, our Michigan whistleblower protection lawyers will thoroughly investigate your case and help you pursue any potential claims. To discuss your legal rights and options with an attorney at our firm, contact us to set up a confidential consultation.

Federal And State Protection For Whistleblowers

Under Title 42, Section 1983 of the United States Code (42 U.S.C. 1983), a citizen has a right to bring a civil rights claim against a government employee or official. This includes bringing a claim for the violation of First Amendment rights when an employer retaliates against an employee for:

  • Reporting a violation of a regulation or law
  • Assisting with an investigation
  • Testifying in court about his or her employer
  • Filing a claim for discrimination, hostile work environment or harassment
  • Speaking out on behalf of another co-worker who has suffered discrimination or another unfair treatment

The law protects employees from being fired, demoted, denied a promotion or otherwise unfairly treated as a result of whistleblowing. Our attorneys will work to protect and enforce your First Amendment rights.

Employment Retaliation And Wrongful Discharge Attorneys

We are experienced at bringing First Amendment retaliation claims against government agencies and employers, including universities. We have represented countless clients at all levels of the justice system, including cases before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Michigan Department of Civil Rights. Our attorneys also have the experience and resources to handle complex employment litigation. Contact our Michigan whistleblower protection lawyers to discuss your case by calling 866-965-2488. From our offices in Ann Arbor, Birmingham and Traverse City, we serve clients throughout Michigan.