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Assertive Legal Guidance In Sex Discrimination And Harassment Cases

Sex discrimination and harassment take many different forms. They can be subtle and unintentional, such as when a manager acts on unconscious bias or stereotypes. Or, they can be extreme and intentional, such as repeatedly passing sexual comments and jokes or basing sexual favors as conditions for receiving employment benefits. Courts have created many legal terms of art to identify different theories of discrimination.

For instance, quid pro quo harassment is a Latin term referring to the demand for sexual favor or sexual relationship from an employee for giving employment benefits. A typical example is when an employee is subjected to demotion after rejecting their supervisor’s advances. Another term of art is “hostile environment” that refers to a workplace where someone’s behavior creates a difficult or uncomfortable environment for women, either through passing sexual comments, sharing indecent pictures or harbouring biased attitude toward the opposite gender.

Courts also distinguish between disparate treatment and disparate impact cases. Disparate treatment is where a person or group of people is singled out because of their sexual orientation. Disparate impact is where a seemingly neutral policy affects people differently based on sexual orientation.

Without a legal background, employees can have a difficult time determining whether workplace behaviors are illegal. If you believe that you have been sexually harassed at your workplace, it is critical that you contact a knowledgeable attorney before you pursue any action. Our team of employment law attorneys has a deep understanding of state and federal sexual harassment laws that they will use to protect your case. When you work with us, we will tailor an approach to your unique situation and defend your side of the story.

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