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Informed Legal Advice For Health Care Executives

The health care industry continues to grow and provide many opportunities for talented leaders and salespeople. Sometimes these opportunities can bring challenges that call for the assistance of a knowledgeable employment law attorney. At NachtLaw, we provide informed advocacy in negotiations and aggressive representation in pivotal, contested employment matters. Our healthcare lawyers protect the legal rights — and the careers — of valuable employees in the health care field, including:

  • Health care executives and administrators
  • Hospital administrators and managers
  • Medical device salespeople, medical equipment salespeople and sales managers
  • Pharmaceutical salespeople and sales managers
  • Insurance plan administrators and department administrators
  • Founders and partners in medical startups

Our firm is adept at solving problems involving:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Executive compensation packages: Negotiation and review of packages, as well as dispute resolution
  • Employment contracts: Questions and disputes related to noncompetes, nondisclosure agreements and other contracts
  • Discrimination, including age discrimination, sex discrimination and other forms of illegal treatment of employees
  • Mergers, acquisitions and downsizing that can lead to key employees being pushed out

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