Assertive Legal Protection Of Employee Rights

The attorneys at NachtLaw strive to preserve fundamental fairness and dignity for individuals, whether in the workplace or in the courts. We stand up against workplace injustice and inequality, and we fight for the innocent people wrongly accused of a crime or unfairly treated by the system. When your career or job is on the line, we are the firm to see.

When your career or job is on the line, we are the firm to see. At NachtLaw, we succeed with all types of employment-related cases and represent individuals as well as labor organizations from factory workers to teachers to executives in a variety of fields. We represent public and private sector employees, union members, "for-cause" and "at-will." For federal employees we navigate the unique administrative process based on years of experience in this specialized area.

Knowing When To Fight

Navigating any difficult situation starts with sensible, legally sound advice. Practically every weekday, the lawyers of NachtLaw counsel an employee or ex-employee about handling a discharge, severance, misconduct allegation or harassment in the workplace. We provide clients with critical advice on when to negotiate and when to fight. Our expertise is handling difficult or sensitive workplace situations.

Taking On Businesses

We file lawsuits when it is in the best interests of our clients. We take on employers, from large corporations to small businesses, to local, state and federal government entities. From discrete advice to complex litigation, we have the tools to preserve dignity and protect the rights of employers in all types of workplaces.

Good Judgment. Wise Counsel. Aggressive Representation.

NachtLaw has an outstanding record of saving jobs and careers and of getting significant settlements for wrongfully discharged or harassed employees. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. From our home office in Ann Arbor, we serve clients throughout Michigan, including Detroit, Lansing, Jackson, Flint, Pontiac, Adrian and the surrounding communities.