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Probationary Teachers Have Legal Rights

New teachers who receive a notice of nonrenewal from the school board have only 20 days to file a Claim of Appeal with the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission. The commission’s review is limited to the timeliness and adequacy of the notice, e.g., it cannot review explanations for an unsatisfactory rating. Generally, a probationary teacher can be discharged at any time for any reason (so long as the discharge is not discriminatory or retaliatory or otherwise illegal). If a teacher in a probationary period faces a discharge, demotion or an unpaid suspension of more than 15 days, and he or she feels wrongly penalized, then he or she has the right to appeal this decision to the Tenure Commission. The probationary teacher must file a claim of appeal within 20 days of receiving the notification (of discharge or demotion) from the school board. The time limit is strict; if one does not appeal in time, the school board’s decision will stand. At NachtLaw, our education law attorneys take the rights of teachers seriously. NachtLaw lawyers are prepared to stand up for tenure rights and advocate for the best interests of Michigan and Ohio teachers, whether at a Tenure Commission hearing or in the courtroom. Our job is to defend the right to continue practicing in the career to which you have dedicated yourself. If you are a Michigan teacher facing tenure action, contact the education lawyers at NachtLaw to arrange an initial consultation today by calling 866-965-2488.