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Trade Secret Litigation: Protecting Your Intellectual Property

An increasing number of businesses in Michigan and around the world are primarily in the business of ideas. For all businesses, ideas and formulas can play an important role in competitiveness and profitability. If you fear that a current or former employee is infringing on your trade secrets, the trade secret litigation attorneys at NachtLaw will explain your rights and how to protect them. Contact us to arrange a consultation.

Trade Secret Litigation

Under the Michigan Uniform Trade Secrets Act, companies and individuals have a right to protect their trade secrets from theft and infringement. Our lawyers fight hard. If one of your employees has been poached by a competitor, and you are concerned that they are going to engage in unfair competition by sharing your proprietary information — including patents and copyrights — with that competitor, we can help you assess and investigate the situation in order to determine whether it is an appropriate matter for litigation or another legal action.

Intellectual Property Law And The Automotive Industry

Michigan is known for its automotive industry. With the current state of the economy, many vehicle manufacturers have been forced to dismiss employees in order to maintain their operations. Some of these laid-off workers, who spent years creating plans for cars and automotive parts, may take their ideas and designs with them. They may now attempt to strike out on their own, using ideas that belong to their former employer. In these situations, we provide dedicated legal representation designed to hold the former employee accountable for any resulting damages and prevent them from unlawfully using these ideas.

Exploring All Enforcement Options

In addition to the Uniform Trade Secrets Act, there are a number of other statutes and contractual arrangements that can be used to protect your trade secrets. If you have patents, trademarks or copyrights, you can bring an infringement action against someone who you believe is violating them. If you have noncompetition or confidentiality agreements with your employees, you have a right that must be enforced, or it will be lost.

Protect Your Trade Secrets Now

When you need to protect what is crucially important to your business — the information that you have invested significant resources into developing — don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 866-965-2488. Our experienced attorneys offer effective trade secret litigation counsel.