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Comprehensive Legal Services For All Types Of Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations face many of the same legal issues that businesses deal with. However, the unique legal circumstances of nonprofits and the different modes of governance they adopt call for lawyers who know their way around the nonprofit world. At NachtLaw, we have represented many Michigan, Ohio and national nonprofits from our offices in Ann Arbor, Traverse City, Birmingham and Toledo. Contact us to learn more about how our experienced team of transactional and litigation attorneys can assist you.

Our Experience Makes A Difference

While the term nonprofit organization is often associated with purely charitable organizations, our attorneys understand that the world of nonprofits is much broader, and we have extensive experience representing clients organized under a variety of not-for-profit structures, including:

  • Charitable foundations and organizations
  • Educational organizations
  • Religious organizations
  • Beneficiary societies
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Public housing associations
  • Labor unions
  • Municipal agencies

We provide our nonprofit clients with a full range of services, from employment advice to litigation defense. When you contact us, your organization will be embarking on a fruitful relationship with a law firm you can depend on to provide efficient, savvy legal counsel and representation.

Building General Counsel Relationships

Nonprofit organizations are not usually in a position to maintain in-house legal counsel, but they are often in need of ongoing legal assistance, especially with regard to compliance with the unique laws regulating nonprofit and tax-exempt activities. At NachtLaw, we have the experience and personal attentiveness to serve as dependable general counsel for your nonprofit organization. Call us at 866-965-2488.